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21 August

Trader Joe’s: A Brand With All The Right Ingredients

Posted by in Brand | One Comment

Long ago, when I first heard of the brand Trader Joe’s, the name conjured up in my mind a one-eyed sea merchant who probably smelled like fish. Seeing the façade of a Trader Joe’s did not quell this notion. With the big, red “Trader Joe’s” sign on the outside, in a font I would like […]

18 August

A Perspective From Our Founder: Part 2

Owner and Founder of HBG, Jeffrey Nemetz sits down for a series of interviews highlighting his perspective on health and what he finds exciting in the industry as a brand consultant. Jeffrey Nemetz has 20+ years of experience in healthcare and branding. In order to extract some of this powerful knowledge and share it with […]

What our clients are saying.

  • Liz Gallucci Bird / Vice President, Sales / HealthTronics

    Jeffrey and Harriet were dynamite to work with on a re-branding and collateral development project for our diagnostics company. They are distinctly different from any other marketing firm I’ve worked with in the last decade. Jeffrey puts significant thought into the big questions and as a result helped us craft a much more poignant, resonant approach than we could have expected. Once in the development phase, the creativity he and his team brought to the table I hadn’t seen in our industry before; normally residing in big-budget advertising or high-investment technology products. Oh, and they came in right on budget, going the extra mile at every turn. 5-star outcomes and the most delightful team to work with through thick and thin. I can’t wait to start more projects with Jeffrey and Harriet at HBG.

    - Liz Gallucci Bird / Vice President, Sales / HealthTronics
  • Maureen Daugherty / Marketing Communications Director / Accretive Health

    HBG brings an understanding of the industry, its challenges, and the competitive nature of the evolving markets to each of its healthcare clients. I have admired HBG’s work in two different settings –years ago at a not-for-profit health system, where our marketing focus was primarily B2C, and most recently on a brand development project for a publicly-owned organization with a B2B focus in the healthcare space.  I relied on HBG’s thorough approach to research and development of the brand, trusted their counsel along the path, and was always “wowed” by the creative delivered and how it exceeded our expectations as clients. Prospective clients can have confidence that they are dealing with true professionals who knows how to develop and deliver a company’s core message.

    - Maureen Daugherty / Marketing Communications Director / Accretive Health
  • Michael R. Klozotsky / Senior Director, Marketing / Accretive Health

    Working with HBG during the better part of a year, I saw the power that transformative ideas can have on a healthcare business. HBG’s approach to brand is truly immersive. They act as coaches, not just consultants. They serve as strategic partners, not just hired experts. They help to unlock the hidden potential of healthcare brands in ways that few organizations—however sophisticated—cannot accomplish on their own.


    My engagement with HBG was literally that: engaging. At every step in the process of helping develop brand identity for a healthcare services company that sincerely needed to forge a path forward, HBG engaged with our executives, our customers, my team, and me in the most intelligent, intuitive, and humanistic ways. Brands don’t have inherent meaning. They are given meaning by the people who stand behind them and in the value they bring to those they serve—much like the healthcare industry itself. HBG’s deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and the remarkable team they have assembled to support their clients are among the highest order I have known in my career.

    - Michael R. Klozotsky / Senior Director, Marketing / Accretive Health
  • Ed O’Malley / Sr. Vice President / NFP Benefits Partners

    The creative personality of the brand strategy HBG developed was a significant leap forward for us; the language and design elevated our face to the world. I can highly recommend HBG as a strategic partner for any organization looking to evolve its approach to the market, whether it be in articulating your uniqueness, finding your voice or improving any aspect of how you communicate with your clients, customers or partners.

    - Ed O’Malley / Sr. Vice President / NFP Benefits Partners
  • Stuart Slutzky / Vice President, Product Development and Marketing / Destiny Health

    HBG continuously pushed us to think about what makes our company and our products unique. They also worked with us to remove any discomfort we felt by adopting a new position, pushing us out of our traditional mold and old-model approach to how we do business. They were persistent and persuasive in helping our leadership come to the same conclusions they had arrived at during their process. HBG knew that Destiny was an anomaly in the insurance industry, and they helped us embrace and leverage this differentiation rather than seeking a position of comfort by being a ‘me-too’.

    - Stuart Slutzky / Vice President, Product Development and Marketing / Destiny Health
  • Kathleen Peterson / Director of Communications / Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science

    In reflecting on the work I was privileged to do with Jeff, Harriet and their entire team, I am struck by the way the relationship evolved into true, mutually beneficial teamwork. In fact, I often found myself introducing HBG leaders and associates as members of ‘our team’ and was apt to type ‘rosalindfranklin.edu’ as their e-mail addresses, because we worked so closely and so well that it was hard to believe they weren’t in the adjacent office. And for a University whose primary differentiator is its focus on teamwork, imagine how refreshing it was to have business partners who didn’t just believe in our philosophy, but actually lived it.

    - Kathleen Peterson / Director of Communications / Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
  • Randy Spaulding / CEO / Spaulding Clinical

    To say that HBG is my company’s marketing and branding firm would be a gross understatement of how much they mean to my company. Before I hired any employee, before any investor wrote a check, and before a physical location was found for my business, I shared my aspirations with HBG. They listened to my dream. From that vision, they created a brand strategy incorporating everything I had wanted and more. With the assistance of HBG’s branding strategy, I then recruited employees, found investors, and solicited business.

    - Randy Spaulding / CEO / Spaulding Clinical


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