Culture Club

I spend a great deal of time talking with clients about the importance of CULTURE. Like “branding,” I feel that the word “culture” rarely means the same thing to different people. And even more rare does that meaning cover the real power and potential of a good culture.

The biggest pitfall in understanding the true value of culture is to believe that your company’s culture is just “the fun stuff.” The perks, the inside jokes, the personalities of your employees. True, these are all ingredients of a good culture. But to stop there, and not look beyond these details, is to critically miss the point.

Your culture is inextricably linked to your brand. In fact, you could say that your culture is the daily demonstration of your brand. If your brand speaks of health, industry leadership, and a mindful contribution to the wellbeing of those around you – then your CULTURE should consistently manifest these qualities. They should be tangible in how your present yourself to both your most valuable stakeholders (employees) and to the world around you.

In short, if your brand is a company’s DNA, then your culture is its heart and soul. Each must be nurtured in order to achieve success and longevity.

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