Healthy Ways To Stay Alert At Work

I’m sure everyone can relate to that afternoon struggle that hits post lunch. You’re sitting in an afternoon meeting and you feel yourself starting to nod off. Or your fidgety and distractible, noticing your procrastination is at an all time high. It’s in these critical moments that we realize our mid-afternoon slump has set in and is intending to put a huge dent in our productivity. What we don’t realize is that following just a few healthy habits can give you that little kick you need to keep you striding through your day.

Correct your posture:

Not only can poor posture be destructive to your health but it can also put extra strain on your muscles, joints and bones, which means your body is exerting more energy to keep them functioning. Sitting up in your chair, straightening out your spine and relaxing your shoulders will help you to feel less fatigued throughout your day, and it will also do wonders for your core!

Step away for a few minutes:

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to reset your mind. I am a notorious list-writer; so take a moment to get away from your desk and review your list. A few deep breaths sending oxygen through your body can help to refocus your energy on those tasks that are weighing on you.

Have a glass of water:

Water in incredibly important to our body and without enough of it, the flow of oxygen to our organs can feel strained. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can impair our thinking and cause our muscles to become tired. Jump up to refill your water bottle and I assure you that you will feel fresher for it!

Get some fresh air:

During these winter months it is less and less enticing to duck out of the office for lunch but a few minutes of fresh air can help you clear your head and get some exercise.

Change in scenery:

Stepping away from your desk gives you a chance to clear your mind and reset. Taking a quick stride around the office or working in another space can give you enough clarity to get your work completed. If that’s not enough, thinking a little outside the box and shifting your workspace to a café for an hour might do the trick. It is amazing what affect your surroundings have on your ability to keep focused.

Do an exercise:

Our team takes health seriously and as part of this we take turns leading the office in a quick exercise everyday at 10am and 3pm. This is a great way to create team moral but it also forces everyone to take a quick break from their screens and do something to get their blood flowing again.

Eat an apple:

This fix is healthier than resorting to another cup of coffee laden with milk and sugar. An apple gives you a natural boost with healthy sugars, which is said to provide the energy equivalent to a cup of coffee. Unlike you daily cup of coffee, apples have fiber and good carbs. Not only are they a great snack to take with you on the run, the fiber in apples help your body to absorb the natural sugars slowly so you don’t get the same high and slump like you might if you ate a sugary bar.

These are some easy ways to hit the reset button, keeping your productivity at an all time high. Like all aspects of your life, staying active and eating well can help you to feel on top of things and get more done.

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