Strategic Partners



Habits at Work

A passion for developing vision-driven brands led HBG to begin partnering with Habits At Work (HAW) and founder Andrew Sykes in 2006. At the core of our strategic partnership is a shared dedication to creating flourishing companies that become employers of choice. HAW serves employers, wellness companies and insurers by supporting the health, happiness and security of their employees and members. Sykes’ company has consulted with HBG leadership in the areas of health and wellness, and employee benefits and engagement, while HBG has brought our capabilities and experience in building brands that mean something to HAW’s unique client base.


Silver Tree Communications

We find inspiration in advancing the branding and communication of higher education and learning facilities, where the future of healthcare lives in the hearts and minds of its students. That’s what compelled HBG to begin partnering with Silver Tree Communications in 2003, in the nation’s only marketing practice with deep expertise in every facet of health education. Leveraging Kate Colbert’s rich experience developing meaningful brands for the spectrum of higher education and learning enterprises, this venture serves the unique branding and marketing needs of clients who specialize in preparing tomorrow’s healthcare workforce.


HBG is honored to partner with The US Cooperative of International Patient Programs (USCIPP) and its members to expand global awareness of the accessibility of high-quality US healthcare. Through dedicated international patient programs, USCIPP’s 60+ member organizations and institutions offer treatments in every specialty and a level of choice like never before to patients and families around the world. Supporting this program aligns with our vision of cultivating the brands that endeavor to change the health of the world.