The Importance of Vacation

The mind and body are muscles and every day at work they are pushed to the limit. Yet, as any elite athlete would attest, a muscle that is constantly worked without change does not get balance and begins to depreciate in its effectiveness and potential output. The endless grind of the daily routine after a while becomes a hindrance and productivity drops. So it seems obvious that taking a relaxing, fun and adventurous getaway, different from the mundane routine and responsibilities of the everyday has amazing and positive effects on us. Although this is something we all believe to be a fact, most do not realize that even a short trip can also directly affect productivity upon returning home in so many ways.

What better way to find balance than vacation? Imagine spending an entire day at the Louvre appraising the wonders of the past that continue to expand minds today. Going to the Met perhaps for an evening being swept away by Madama Butterfly. A day at the beach reading the wit of famous authors, taking breaks in between to float without a care in the world in warm, clear blue waters.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I needed a break and luckily I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a short vacation. This included discovering a flash sale on Rodeo Drive, meditating by way of hike through Los Angeles’ chill-out destination point called Runyon Canyon and then picking up some dancing pointers from the stars before heading out on the town without a care in the world.

Runyon Canyon

Recently I read about the benefits of vacation in Forbes. Scientist, psychologists, economists and managers are clearly on to something. I didn’t realize that the benefits of a 3-day trip would be so measurable and increase my productivity upon my return back to work. In addition to having more of a drive to complete my work projects, I have noticed productivity at home too and I’m finally getting things done around the house that I have been putting off. I’ve even noticed that being away from my family also had me me returning as a better and more energetic mother.

If you’re one of those people who work non-stop, I urge you to take a few days and restore your balance. It will pay off in so many ways.

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