Weber’s Timeless Flair

Every year on July 4th, I listen to the years-long gas or charcoal debate. To set the record straight— I am not a charcoal purist; my entire life I have used a Weber gas burning grill. The convenience of heating to 400 degrees in less than 10 minutes far outweighs any flavor benefits that charcoal has to offer. Not to mention that charcoal is dirty, prone to flare-ups and difficult to control. With all of these disadvantages, why do urban consumers still choose Weber’s charcoal grill?

Weber is a time-hardened brand that is entrenched within grilling culture. Despite its disadvantages, Weber’s charcoal grill provides superior flavor and high heat—perfect for that steak sear or a juicy burger. Heating a Weber grill takes skill. For a smoky flavor, having the perfect mix of wood and briquettes can infuse incredible taste into any choice of meat or vegetable. One of the biggest draws to a Weber charcoal grill is the ritual and faux-rustic flare that accompany it.

Living in an urban environment has both benefits and setbacks. Stress and a fast pace lifestyle go hand in hand with city living. There is nothing better to relieve stress than grilling out on a summer night. The therapeutic act of flipping burgers and searing buns can calm even the most stressful of days. Getting a charcoal grill to the perfect temperature can take time, time well spent with friends and family. Every charcoal griller has their specific ritual for getting the perfect temperature and flavor. Slowly nursing the flames until they catch, and watching the briquettes burn to red embers brings a rustic suburban flare to any backyard. Weber acknowledges this ritual through their product imagery.

Weber highlights food, friends, family, and the outdoors for all of their grills. Their imagery infuses modern (and urban) flare with a natural feel. Weber recognizes the timeless tradition of their grill while keeping their product line current. Their brand shows how food brings together family and friends. More importantly, these gatherings center around one object— A Weber grill.

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