Welcome Home – A Disney Experience

There are a lot of elements that can define a brand – its message, its look, its customer experience or a combination of many things. Disney is a brand that can be defined by many wonderful aspects, but one thing they excel at is their customer experience. From the moment you book your travel to the moment you leave, Disney has YOU, the customer in mind.

Disney makes traveling easy and seamless. A few weeks before you are set to leave for your trip, Disney sends you a luggage tag that allows for your bag to be sent directly to your room at the resort. No more waiting at baggage claim because your time is precious. They also send you your magic band, which gives you access to the Magic Express. No more waiting in the taxi line or trying to get an Uber!

After your quick flight and a trip on the Magic Express, you arrive at your resort and are greeted by a cheery team member saying “Welcome Home.” The friendly demeanor of the staff makes you feel at ease before your activities even begin. You then are guided to your room and within a few hours your luggage arrives. Talk about convenience.

Besides travel, Disney also helps you skip the long lines that usually come with a visit to any theme park. Before you leave for your trip, you can sign up for FastPass, which allows you to skip the line on up to 3 rides. If you want to make sure you get to ride Space Mountain, sign up early. This is planning for efficiency at its finest.

If you are planning a trip to Disney, having the Disney app is a must. Once downloaded you can sync the app with your magic band. The app is great for so many different reasons. First, it tells you how long of a wait there is at each ride. Second, it allows you to save your photos from each ride directly to the app. All you have to do is tap your magic band to the Mickey Mouse head under your photo when it appears on the screen. You can then download them from the app once you are back home or near any computer. With the app, your memories are safe in your hands.

Disney ensures your trip will be easy, magical and unforgettable. They have been able to create a personalized experience that allows each guest to feel welcomed as soon as the trip begins.

What other brands have you encountered that excel in customer experience?

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