Provant Health Solutions, a leading provider of corporate wellness services, was at a crossroads. For most of its existence, the company had operated by delivering unbranded, white label services—a model that allowed them to flourish while learning behind the scenes.

While Provant Health Solutions was focused on establishing a well-crafted infrastructure and a passionate and committed employee field network, the wellness industry had become extremely crowded and competitor companies began to blend together into a sea of sameness.

Realizing the growing opportunity to stand out and differentiate, Provant Health Solutions engaged Health Brand Group to support its transformation from a relatively unknown entity to a recognized leader within the changing wellness paradigm. We began our work by facilitating a vision crystallization session with the leadership team, helping them reconnect with their core purpose and their vision for the future.

Fueled by their renewed vision—Changing the health of America, one person at a time—the company was positioned to shift the wellness conversation by making it more about the value it creates for people and lives, and less about saving healthcare costs.

We developed a new brand platform—life. changing.— which communicates the company’s purpose of helping people become their best selves at work, at home and at play.

And we recommended that the company name change from Provant Health Solutions to Provant, enabling the organization to pursue a broader range of business activities, including strategic consulting and data-focused knowledge services, in support of its vision.

Health is an awesome responsibility. Bigger than each of us. Collectively, if we can impact it, that’s a wow.

- Provant Employee

The creative strategy, comprised of a bold color palette, clean typefaces, a graphic pattern using the “heart” logo mark and vibrant photography, centered on the concept of showing the life moments—small and large—that Provant makes possible each and every day.

To launch the new brand, we developed a comprehensive business strategy and marketing plan, infusing the new vision and brand throughout the organization.

Starting from the inside out, we worked with Provant to activate the new brand, inspiring its 10,000 plus employees and connecting with current and future clients in a more meaningful way.

Services Performed:

  • In-Depth Interviews & Competitive Analysis
  • Vision Crystallization & Sharing
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Naming & Brand Architecture
  • Corporate Identity & Brand Design
  • Core Story & Messaging
  • Internal & External Brand Launch
  • Sales Strategy & Collateral Materials
  • Digital Strategy & Website Design
  • Thought Leadership & Public Relations Strategy